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Our Main Features

A seamless and intuitive user experience is what customer love Kanexy is taking care of the Core

Reliable Online Payment Platform

Transfer and Deposit your money anytime, anywhere in the world

Kanexy digital platform empowers banks with superior wallet management capabilities and enable them to launch amazing financial experiences.

Exceptional Experience for Customers

Single interface to manage all accounts and transactions. Customer-centric UX end-to-end.

Don't Compromise on Security

A white-label digital platform to keep your customer data secure. User on boarding with self-registration capabilities (KYC/Non-KYC etc.)

Value-added Services

Deliver more than what your customers expect from you with Kanexy's e-Wallet, payment and more value-added services
Our Platform FAQ

Frequently Questions

How can I Open account?

You need to register yourself or your business then you need to check your requirements; what type of account you need to open(Personal account, Business account). To open an account, you need to provide various KYC documents as per account type.

We’ll verify your identity from most European National ID cards, international driving licences and passports. If everything meets as per guidelines, Your desired account will be ready in two minutes

For more information you can check our Support & FAQ| Knowledge Base Section

How much does Kanexy cost?

We don’t charge monthly or annual fees for our current account.

You only pay for what you use:

Bank transfers (in or out) 20p
Payments between accounts Free
Card transactions home and abroad Free
Cash withdrawals £1
Cash deposits (through the Post Office) £1
Cash deposits (through PayPoint) 3% of the total transaction value

What types of payment can I make?

All GBP payments sent from your Kanexy account are made as Faster Payments.

    You can make payments as:
  • One-off transfers, Overseas transfer in any Foreign currency
  • Scheduled payments: future-dated transfers or standing orders
  • Direct Debits/ in Store Payments/ EPOS or any other payments
How can I get my card?

Mostly account holders get Kanexy card as per their nature of account. We also offer separate cards such as Kanexy employee expense card, debit card and many more.

Most of our members receive their cards within 2-4 working days. If it hasn’t arrived within 5 working days, please get in touch through the app.

My account's been paused. Why is this?

Your account could have been blocked for a number of reasons, most commonly because we’ve seen unusual activity on your account and need to run a few checks. We do this to keep Kanexy and our members safe, and the checks are normally completed very quickly.

Take a look at our Knowledge Base to learn more about why we might need to block or pause an account.

How Our Platform Work

Our digital platform where we believe that certain principles are central to organizations as well as to the client's success

Register / Login to our Platform

Signup our page if you are a new user else enjoy seamless fintech platform

Enter your information details

Enter your personal and professional details to carry on digital banking

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We provided certain steps to use our Kanexy App

Open an account

Sign up easily on your laptop or mobile phone

Sign up in minutes. Quick and easy.

  • Sign up easily on your laptop or mobile phone
  • Get approved within 24 hours or quicker after you sign up so can hit the ground running
  • Around the clock support to ensure your onboarding process.

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Why Kanexy

We are a FaaS platform in each banking and accounting specialities for businesses and Individuals.


Banking filled with personal accounts and business accounts features a loaded joint account, student account, sole trader account and multi currency account.


Debit card & credit card including collect online inStore/eCOM/ePOS Services. Card services includes payment receive from invoices and subscription, pay links


Profit and loss management to flourish your business balance sheets. Expense and saving management through accounting tools. Make VAT Payments.


Opportunities for seller and Buyer, List your business, get leads to prosper your business. Buyer comforts zone to find anything new in trends.

Our Core Services

Kanexy's advanced banking and financial arrangement enable banks to make exceptionally sepereted virtual financial encounters and flawlessly react to the always developing computerized needs of their buyers.

Secure Banking Services

Single interface with multifacilities to manage all accounts and transactions. Do optimum utilization of our interface in terms of money & speed

Money Tracking in Palm

Keep real time tracking of all kind of payments, investments and expenditures while you are busy through our App

Business Accounting & Bookkeeping

Management for Business profit & loss, Expenses and gains scheduling, HR & Payroll for employees tracking.

Better Card Services

POS in more digitized format with all payment tools such as EPOS systems, Card Machines, Instore payment, collection through invoices and subscriptions

Solutions for Today’s Future

Bank payments are optimized through without any third party for seamless transaction, paybybank, OCR Automation for better cheque clearance, inventory management tracking

Market Place for Everyone

Better opportunities for you (buyer or seller) to overcome business threats. Lead generation for more profits, Local New search and any upcoming events tracking without any help.

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